Satnam Singh Maan


I have been attacked by constant muse

and they say its an excuse

to run away from world of reason

and hide urself in imaginary vision


madness for u is bliss for me

snake bite for u is kiss for me

for u its darkness for me its light

u call it colourless n i call it white..


i m my state of mind

single of my kind


within me both good and evil reside

when one is in other is outside

war between both goes side by side

their struggle for dominance kills me deep inside


one says weed other says its not the need

one says run othr says have fun

one says make love other says just fuck

one says sleep and other says "its sunny outside"


This narrow gap is getting wide

whom to reject and whom to abide

be bindas or maintain the pride

i'm confused and i can't decide


but nothing waits neither time nor tide

so,run rabit run lyf is a ride..