Dr Anishia Jayadev

Yes! He came back
In death bed I was, when he first came to me
I was breathing my last
Entangled by tubes...
Disentangling memories
He came in through the windows
As the doors were ajar
He struggled hard to reach me
But he made it for sure....
He whorled whistled and swirled
Roared in through and through
Back in my ailing sleepy mind
I could sense his howls
Get up get up...he shook me hard
My eyes gaping open
My throat stiff dry
My limbs weak... Heart hollow
Why don't he stop
And let me be in peace
I am destined for a
Silent death... Much awaited much loved
How dare! He dismantled
My breath support... (is he death....)
Here hear....what's this
He’s blowing in … he is my breath
Love! He calls me...jump up....fly
For. we are awaited by world unknown
Am embraced..... Kissed. My curls dancing with his
His laughter burning me (why do he laugh this loud)
We traverse the best planes...the valleys
He holds me tight his heart pounds
He carry me in his arms
Till my legs are strong
My feet touch the hardest earth
Sun burnt my exposure
Thorns prick.... I bleed
Where are you my beloved
There's he holding out his arms
Come come come to me...
Far away on the Deoder branch..High
(WHY DON'T HE STILL CARRY ME...MY breath burning his hairy chest?)
Come dear....and he fades away....
My toes are bleeding... Throat dry
Washed and drank from the spring near by
Oh ! is it me....this beauty...face like a bloom...lips full.....
The reflection show me my transition
Realization shook me..He came
Just to resurrect from my past..the wind came
Um! am left........forever?
Who wants the glorious days without him...
Who wants frolics games and fame
Let me go back to that bed of pain
The wind will blow again am sure
For he can't bare see me tormented and frail
He left his soul with me(knowingly?)
He will come back to me.... Let me
Wait for him in the thorns of Death

Yes! He did come back
To be with me ever
We walked off…..
To were winds met the horizon….hand in hand