K G Suraj

‘Religious Imperialism & Digital Corporate's – Bhai ..Bhai..’. This not Digital India but Sell India.

'Digital India' (DI) would be a meaningful programme, if only it fulfills the core ideas of Internet equality policy (Net neutrality), which means the internet services should be equal for all, without considering the content/ web site/ platform / device/ the specification of connecting equipment/ mode of communication etc.

Unfortunately the 'DI' totally disagrees/ refuses the basic phenomenon’s of Democratization of Internet and its allies. It only satisfies the Digital Corporate’s (internet.org alias face book which facilitates services through the corporate giant, reliance in India) and their unlimited greed on wealth and natural resources to squeeze the have not’s utilizing Technology and Science. It is a clear cut example of religious imperialism, lead by the Sangh Parivar shouldered by Bharatiya Janatha Party which been flagships by Narendra Damodar Modi, aiming to satisfy Digital Corporate’s to ‘sell India’. And there for the programme should be renamed as ‘Sell India’ instead of Digital India.