Suryasutha Bhaskaran

Beach boy’s day and a soup song
Reyhan, Premith and Sukesh were thick friends. Every weekend they would spend the day together inspite of busy schedules. As usual, it was Sukesh who always cajoled his friends -for a breath of fresh air – far away from the suffocating city. He reminisced their frequent visits to Arambol and Aguada. Are beaches all over alike? The smell of Tsunami-rid waters… Driving, people watching, peanut eating, the ringing… of bells. Arguments, peals of laughter, crying babies, hawkers, a medley of crowds…What about a flash mob? Hmm…Who knows?

Last weekend too was as memorable as their previous jaunts. Premith manoeuvred the car deftly through an array of honking vehicles like Badshah Khan . ‘Kolaveri…’ and a mix of Samba music blared out of the stereo….’Why this soup song on a cool day?’, Sukesh asked. He was an utter glutton and savoured the succulent dishes awaiting him… Chicken Schezwan , chicken drumstick,hot chocolate icecream … Yummy!!! Mouthwatering!!! The train of thoughts broke when the car stopped abruptly. Lo! A dropping fuel tank… What a waste of energy! ‘Shall we fill up and come back ?’, Reyhan suggested. Sukesh looked dismayed and felt his tastebuds tickling … Ah! Bhelpuri beckons… Oh! No, we’ll stay here for a while. After all , we’ve reached Arambol,’ he said. Heyy! There’s a throng at the beach,’ Premith exclaimed. The trio went closer to the gathered congregation. A famous artist was sculpting in sand … A feast to the eye …. They moved towards the mandap – an open air exhibition of mobile photos – Scenes of a teddy bear field, kids’ antics,childhood innocence, grown up masquerades… rural/urban shots … a teacher’s successful attempt at capturing natural beauty in 6330/ Nikon D 40.

Twilight crept in slowly . The three friends beamed in delight. How wonderful to have such friends !! Who else would abandon everything for a friend ? True, beaches were their favourite haunts… A happy ending to the Beach Boys’ Day … ‘ Yo Boys I am singing song ….’