Unnikrishnan K C

Coronavirus: Origin Effects and What Next

Coronavirus (COVID-19) as most might know has put the world into complete lockdown and is the reason behind the deaths of more than 80,000 people across the globe, with more than 14,00,000 people infected Coronavirus has the world on its knees.


About COVID-19 and It's Origin

COVID-19 is a highly infectious virus which made its way into the world through a town in China named "Wuhan". This Bat Virus started in late 2019 in China and started spreading from early 2020 into the world and affecting people with symptoms like -

Shortness of breath
Aches and pains
Sore throat

And now after the whole world is incomplete lock down corona virus continues to spread through the world putting people horrified with the increasing cases with every passing hour. And these Increasing cases has put even the most advanced countries in a state of complete shocks like the USA with cases of over 4,00,000 and Deaths of over 15,000 people the World superpower has become completely helpless in front of this virus, Italy with more than 1,50,000 cases and deaths of over 18,000 people it is a complete disaster, the main reason behind the widespread of this virus in all the countries is people not taking this seriously and not trying to practice social distancing.


India's Role in Pandemic

After a sudden increase of cases of more than 5000 and increasing deaths of more than 150 people, India has also been majorly impacted by this pandemic but unlike the world, India made itself cautious at a very early stage from 21-day lock down to total curfew in the potshots India is trying the hardest to beat this pandemic from the very core and trying not to do anything that can lead to the increase in these numbers. Also, India is not just helping the citizens of the country but also exporting the medicines to foreign countries for those to help their people. From doing different activities to keep people engaged to make them aware of the seriousness of the Coronavirus India is leading the world by an example. And now the whole world is appreciating the decision of lock down taken by the Indian government and how it has helped to stop the instant burst in the spread of the corona virus numbers.

Different Indian states are also doing their bit to keep their people safe like Extended Lockdown in Odisha, Curfew in Uttar Pradesh and Sealing of the borders.But during this tough time, some people are coming up as volunteers and donating for this cause so there is no shortage of any type of help for the underprivileged. Also, the big shutout to Police and Doctors across different states who are giving their Day and Nights 24*7 to try and make this time smooth for the people, With daily improvements by the health department in the equipment's and Police trying to make people more aware about this pandemic each and every one is playing a perfect role as warriors against this Virus.

Kerala in this Pandemic

When cases began coming in India, Kerala like any other state stayed strong and is fighting with unity to win the fight against the Pandemic, And also giving the examples to the bigger states with the recovery rate of 17% from the day when the first Coronavirus started it is the highest among any Indian state leading from Maharashtra which has it at 5% and Delhi at 4%, Kerala is also heading the COVID-19 treatment by giving an example for all the states from curing an 80-year old couple in Pathanamthitta to starting plasma therapy Kerala is proving to be a tough fighter in this war with the virus.

Not only in medical sector Kerala is also outstanding when it comes to making this tough time comfortable for its people as with the "Community Kitchen" which is not just for the labors of the state but also for the people who are stuck from other states also, Kerala Has 69% Of India's Government-Run Relief Camps For Migrant Workers which is a huge achievement for any state. The state has more than 15,000 camps set up to help the people and showing that it's not just a state rather a big family headed towards a common cause.

Precautions and Steps against this Pandemic


As now when everyone is doing their bit It is our turn as the Indian citizens to do the best as We can to not only keep ourselves safe but also make other people safe and make them aware about How to stay protected from this pandemic.

With just staying at home and following the basic steps We can make our contribution to keeping everyone safe in the time of this pandemic. If going outside due to any emergency keeping yourself covered is the key, keep your mouth and body completely covered and try not to come into direct contact of the other people. And as the lock down ends, we should not act like corona virus is over behaving maturely with complete caution will be the main weapon against the corona virus spreading again at this massive scale.


So, concluding Coronavirus is a global pandemic which has kept our lives in complete halt and during this time as the global citizens we all should keep calm and do the best as we can to make things easier and smooth for others and ourselves