Navaneetha G

Rise…. Gaza…Rise….
She left for her favorite chocolate with a penny

But never returned.
Her father held her tightly to his chest
And gave his final kiss.
He buried his heart along with her.

What remained in the soil of Gaza?
Only the aftermath of the bombs,
The truck from *Khan Younis
Was full of women and children
Who sobbed and screamed.
They were in search of a place without bombs.

Only the elders knew that they could not
Or ever find such a place on earth?
But the little ones still had hope.
Did their eyes wander for the moon?
Or, their awaited death?

The fighter planes of Israel flew with
Incomparable wings of cruelty.
It was not the colour of joy
That the sky of Gaza had,
But that of fear - the black
Moments of pain and terror,
Their shattered dreams and hopes,
Inflicted minds of Gazians.

Their own land became strange to them.
Between thefts, gang murders and
False speeches rested the violent Gaza.
They lost their glorious past,
And their colourful future.
Gaza - a new name for human butchery
And inhuman torture.

The last door closed before them with a bang -
The final door for freedom.
Who is to be blamed?
Who is to be punished?
Peace an unachieved dream?

Rise…Gaza...Rise from your blood
Rise…Gaza...Rise from your tears
Rise…Gaza…Rise from your ashes.
* Khan Younis - a place in Gaza.