Stalina Bhai S


Science Buddies ; a group for science loving students is entering its fourth year of fruitful activities in the Bhavan's Newsprint vidyalaya ,Velloor. The group was started as an initiative to promote rational thinking and scientific attitude in students in the year 2011, The International Year of Chemistry.

Over a span of three years the group has been instrumental in bringing a change in attitude of students about studying science and being aware about environment. They find science learning fun which rekindles their genuine interest in the ways of science as well as feel responsible to learn and spread awareness about environmental issues.

Science Buddies Programme :Major Achievements

Science Buddies have participated and won prizes in various quiz programmes and science exhibitions and above all have been actively involved in addressing the environmental and other social issues by organizing various activities such as poster campaigns, power point presentations and documentary shows and also by providing financial help to the needy in small ways from students’ contributions .

1.Mobile Biofuel Manufacturing Unit (MBMU)

The students under the guidance of their teachers who assist them as science buddies co-ordinators have successfully developed a mobile a biofuel manufacturing unite in which waste vegetable oil is converted into biofuel by transesterification.

This model got selected in the CBSE regional level science exhibition and was greatly appreciated in the National Level Exhibition held at Delhi. The model is currently undergoing tests to increase its efficiency. This is a small venture on behalf of science buddies to provide an answer for a fuel efficient self sustainable future.

2. Campaigns for spreading awareness about environmental issues

Science buddies have conducted seminars about alternative energy resources and also debates on nuclear energy and organized rallies and street plays with seed club members of the school to spread message of proper waste management and also the need to avoid all kinds of pollution and wastage of resources such as electricity.

Now the activities of science buddies are mainly focused on ensuring the smooth functioning of a proper waste management system in the school premises.

3. A study to increase the economic viability of paddy cultivation by the diversification of its major byproduct – rice husk

This was done as part of the studies related to problems in agriculture field. The students with the help of their teachers have successfully studied the various methods to increase the efficiency of paddy cultivation by applying green engineering solutions .

They have successfully designed a more efficient type of rice husk gas stove (RHGS), Rice bran fuel manufacturing unit , and also tried the efficiency of rice husk as a fertilizer as the study focuses on diversification of rice husk as byproduct of paddy cultivation and the need to avoid chemical fertilizers and promote eco friendly farming practices.

4.Science buddies and Art

A subgroup of science buddies called DaVinci group involves students who are talented in magic, painting,dance and drama , etc which can be successfully used in attracting students towards science and to spread awareness about responsibility towards environment and society.

In connection with this venture; ‘Bhoomi Geetha’- a multimedia dance drama project of science buddies related to the empowerment of women and the power of mother earth was presented in the school and was highly appreciated. Students of science buddies enthusiastically look forward to their future as they feel they also can do their part in saving the mother earth by being a science buddy throughout their life.