Ananda Gopan

'who is a terrorist? '

'He is dirty and

he has a sour smell.

There is deeper shadow in his eyes

like ashes,

like death...

He needs a hair comb and a shave

and a menting needle to his long clothes.


One day-

The cop will shoot him

Put him under their boot

They will find a picture

of his family

from his inner pocket

A wife.Two children

and that makes him a



His body will be surrounded

by Armed men,

some with the pen,

and some for fun...

Its not because

he was wild

or a crazy man..

But because-

A few hours ago he was a animal,

who would bite anything

he can catch up onto.

and thats why we called him a



He will be

rock and

dust and

wind soon.

He will be a

curved stone-

holding tight to the dry land.


But as long as memories live

no matter how big a hole they dig for him

no one can never forget th SCOWL on

his face

when he left our place

to rest in peace.


*This is what my 10 year old brother told me

when i asked him

'who is a terrorist? '