Maithreyi M S

“Scribd” - A Helping Tool For Academic Students

There is a limit of getting information from educational institutes for students and many times students have to score poor marks due to unavailability of information regarding the subject matters. is a remedy for this problem. It is a platform where any kind of information can be shared and received. Scribd was founded by Trip Adler, Tikhon Bernstam, and Jared Friedman in 2006.The growth of scribd on internet was very robust and it is awarded as one of the 10 hot start ups by forbes.

Working with scribd is very simple. First we have to register in It could be done either by using face book id & password or signing by using a new user id & password . Once we register with scribd they will provide us a public profile where we can fill our professional details. By using our public profile we can add more friends with similar interests or with multiple domains and thus share our information. There is a search option in every profile where we can search any kind of document in any format like pdf, ppt, or doc. It is a platform where both professional and literary information are available. We can download the documents once we upload data.

Let me share one of my personal experience in connection with the subject above. A friend of mine  Sajna S B who is working as a trainee along with me is also doing graduation in sociology & political science in distance education scheme. Due to her full time official engagements she didn't get enough time for studies in a regular basis. She was not able to collect textbooks and other academic materials on time. The examination for subject Malayalam was scheduled to the very next day afternoon.She had to read Karuna of legendary poet Kumaranashan. But due to the time constraint she wasn't able to mobilize it from the University or from any other other sources. She searched ‘Karuna’ on google and got the material from Scribd.

As she doesn't have an account on scribd I myself log’d in and downloaded the whole text. After taking the print out’s she could learn it and met the need. So at that Critical moment Scribd is been useful to her. Like wise was my mate for the MBA exams. So please make use of which is providing wonderful opportunity for students and for all who seeks knowledge.