Meera Nair

India’s daughter is out on the streets

She brings both hands together as she bows in faith

The enlightened have reminded us that it takes two hands to clap


She wears no diamonds

For there are plenty of dogs on the streets

She basks in the compliments coming her way

It’s not just housework and childcare

Yippie! She has been applauded for being far more responsible for rape


She has applied her daily quota of’ fair and lovely’

She is soft

And ready to perform

Or be worshipped


Yes its protection that she needs

And when it’s a gang

And a free bus ride

What more can she possibly want


We clash over trivial issues

And often miss the point

Was Jyothi’s named based on her sun sign?

She might have been alive today

If the astrologers had named her Nirbhaya instead

We have the best culture

No doubt

Now excuse me

As I turn off this boring documentary

And watch ‘Sheila ki jawani’ instead