Roshanara Meherin
Roshanara Meherin Begam is a 23 year old bilingual poet, writing in English and Malayalam. She started writing poems in English and Malayalam. She started writing poems in the age of five and has bloomed into a writer of craft and conviction. Though she won many laurels for writing in district and state level , she stopped competing on entering college. As she puts it, it was at that point that poetry became a personnel affair for her an outlet to express what moved her the most. Her poetry revolves around multiple issues, the most evident being them being gender. The various facets of love and mysticism. Widely published over the internet she has written in various popular internet journals and is active in social media through Facebook. She considers herself to be a kaleidoscope of interests and holds that her expression stems from the contradiction and chaos with in . Her maternal grandfather (who was multilingual and well versed in literature and Sanskrit), along with the quaint village in Chengannur where she spent her growing years, has considerable contributed to nurturing her imagination. She was born to Christian and Muslim parents but has grown to accept herself as part of the world at large. Not being some one tied and dyed in the normal identity crisis mode, her poems speak about the reactions, the light and shadow play on her soul by people, art and events happening around her. Roshanara is currently studying Law and resides at Thiruvananthapuram with her husband.