Raveesh Kaippillil
Raveesh Kaippillil is an ardent fashion, art and nature Photographer from Trivandrum. He is a graduate in Computer Science and has 3 years experience as a Web Developer and Designer at firms in Trivandrum and Bangalore. Later his passion in photography made him take up his passion as his Profession. Coming from an artists family,where his father Rajappan K K is a Painter, a retired Principal of Raja Ravi Varma College of Fine Arts, Mavelikara and a former member of Kerala Lalithakala Academy Raveesh was encouraged and supported by his parents to develop interest and explore colors and nature.. He started using colors and brushes at a very young age and won many painting competitions at school levels. Later, during his high school days his adoration to nature and landscapes and his attempt to visualize the beauty into digital frames gradually diverted him to the world of photography. He finds people,art, cultures and traditions endearing. He has photographed Traditional Arts and Dances , People and Lifestyle's ,Nature and Wild Life. His photos and photo features have been published in many websites and magazines since 2010. He has also done many photographic projects including fashion shoots, art portfolios and travel photography. One can view his collections on facebook -http://facebook.com/raveesh.me. He can be contacted on phone : +91 9995298084, website :www.fotobrewer.com, email: raveesh.kaippillil@gmail.com